Risk Management

Your challenges

Do you have higher risks due to extremely short development times in an uncertain market and supplier environment?
Are you afraid that risk management is a contraint for innovation?
Does risk management mean excessive bureaucracy and documentation in your organisation?
Or is risk management not yet anchored in your organisation?
No risk, no fun?

Our field of action

We practice risk management according to the principle: as much as necessary, but systematically and consistently. This does not mean a process monster, but pragmatic methods that create internal transparency and enable risks to be managed. It must fit your organisation.

What we offer:

  • Implementation, application in the project e.g. DRBFM, FTA, Focus Analysis, Expert Interviews, ...
  • Moderation
  • Implementation of lean review and decision-making processes
  • Support for risk monitoring, evaluation of risk mitigation measures
  • Method training

Your next step

The first step is often support in a specific project, e.g. by moderating a risk identification meeting, carrying out a DRBFM, setting up a risk register and reviewing the measures. We can then assess what is needed for sustainable implementation.

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