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May 2020


Inspriation for the future

Behind us lie busy weeks in which we have completely converted our training offer to virtual formats. Admittedly, we had to catch up a bit, but in retrospect that was no problem: it works! And often even better than face-to-face events, especially when it comes to training.

Most of our customers have spent the last few weeks in their home office and still have to be patient until they are allowed to return to their workplaces. From there we perceive a great need for further training, which in smaller units can be integrated much more easily into the daily work routine. Managers want to make their employees and themselves fit through training opportunities.

At the organizational level, we see a clear mood of optimism. Managers and employees want to prepare themselves as a whole system for the future. This will certainly be strongly influenced by cost pressure. The next level of efficiency must therefore be achieved. But that is not enough.

The markets of the future will demand complex products with high demands on individuality and quality (e.g. safety, security). To be able to develop these, many development organizations must reorient their engineering systems. Identity, values, principles, roles, methods, processes are being readjusted. The value streams of the future are common value streams from innovation, production and operation (e.g. product updates for security and function extensions). The opportunity for realignment is now.

We offer you a systemic organizational development concept that is specially tailored to development organizations and related areas, in which engineers can quickly find their way around and which allows a cross-hierarchical reorganization without a huge effort.

Do you want to be inspired? Our webinar "Augmented Systems Engineering" offers more than just a touch of the future.